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Sweet lasagna with berries, cream cheese and ricotta.

6-8 lasagna sheets

1 packet of Cream cheese

2/3 cup of Ricotta
1 Egg
0,5 lb. of berries raspberries, blueberries
1 1/2 cup of Sugar
1 teaspoon of Vanilla

Lasagna with cream cheese and ricotta appeared as a sweet morning treat to my family during the busy week mornings.
It’s not an original Italian recipe, where meat and tomato sauce should be present, contrary it’s our family variation of lasagna: sweet and with berries:) Forgive us Italian mothers, we love it this way:)

Active cooking time : 30 mins
Total cooking time: 1h 20 mins

Preheat water in 6-8 quart saucepan, put 6-8 sheets of lasagna noodle and boil on a small heat until tenderly cooked (10-15 minutes).
Take out of the boiling water, drain the water and put the lasagna noodles on the cooking pan to let it cool off.

Meanwhile take your cream cheese , cut it in thin 0.5 inch pieces.

Prepare the form, oil it Put the first layer of your lasagna sheets 3 or 4 (depending on form),

cover it with your cream cheese pieces, cover your cream cheese

with berries -and top it with sugar.

Put the next layer of lasagna sheets.
Take your ricotta: beat up an egg with 2/3 cup of ricotta, 1 cup of sugar and add 1 tbs of vanilla. Cover your top lasagna layer with ricotta-sugar mixture.

Preheat the stove at 400 F. Bake your lasagna at 400F for 30 minutes and then lower the heat to 150F, take lasagna out for a second and decorate it with berries and return it sit in the stove for 20 more minutes. Take it out and let it cool, as it’ s hot!
Enjoy your sweet lasagna!


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